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We are so excited to finally be reopening on Friday 23rd July 2021

While the government has decided that from Monday 19th all restriction will be eased, we must remember that we have all been living in a different way now for so long that many people are not quite ready to ‘get back to normal’ just yet.

We simply ask that when visiting the Royal Oak, we treat each other with the same amazing kindness and respect that we showed each other last summer.

From the 23rd:

You will NOT need to Check in or make a booking – Track and trace is no longer required, and you do not need to make a booking simply turn up and take a table on arrival, drinks can be ordered from the main bar and food from the kiosk in the garden.

Masks are not mandatory – However some staff and customers may choose to remain wearing them please respect their individual choice.

We will still run a one-way system - We ask that to order drinks you enter the pub via the side bar door to go to the bar and the front door to exit and return to the garden. The bar stools will not be returning just yet, so that two people/groups can be at the bar at one time, and you feel comfortable while ordering your drinks.

Food ordered from the kiosk – Please order food from the garden kiosk and then when your number is called return and collect it from the kiosk. Due to limited staff, ploughman’s will be served in picnic boxes similar to last summer.

Please leave bikes in the bike park in the garden, it is very difficult to have a full garden and bikes lying everywhere.

Hand sanitizer will still be available for use throughout the pub.

We certainly do not want to sound like the fun police but just think these simple requests will help people feel more comfortable and make things go back to normal much faster and help in creating the enjoyable experience that you all know and love from visiting the Royal Oak Fritham.

Opening Times


11am-9pm (lunch served 12pm-3pm)


9.30am-9pm (breakfast served 9.30am-11.30am / lunch served 12pm-3pm)


9.30am-8pm (breakfast served 9.30am-11.30am / lunch served 12pm-3pm)

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Give us a call or email using the address below.

  • The Royal Oak, Fritham, Lyndhurst SO43 7HJ, UK

  • 023 8081 2606